Who We Are

We are a specialized Agri-Business focusing on Nuts & Dry fruits. Nuturco’s team operates from our main offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We source our products from all over the world for a range of clients in the food industry including packers for retailers, wholesalers, processors and distributors. We pride ourselves in ensuring food safety and price stability, while customizing our operations to suit each client.

In order to maximize the control over the supply chain of our product line, we invest in local processors. We do not act solely as a trader but that of a manufacturer. This hybrid structure is what allows us to fulfill the specific requirements of each client.


Lun Lun – 伦伦

Hello! My name is Lun Lun. I may look tough from outside but inside my shell lies the softest heart! Everyone calls me the sweetest hazelnut in the world. So the squirrels are all around me.

Chi Chi – 吃吃

Hi! My name is Chi Chi. I am very sweet and delicious Antep pistachio. Usually, people call me the “Green Gold”, I guess because I am rare and I am the king of the nuts at the end of the day! 

Co Co - 可可

Hola! My name is CoCo, I am a treasure from the Amazon Rainforest of Bolivia. I am hard to get and far away from everything you can see but I am rich in nutrition. Since it is hard for you to reach to me, Nuturco will bring me to your hands!

Zu Zu – 祖祖

Hey everyone! My name is Zu ZU. I believe I am the sweetest of all my other friends here! I think I will be very popular soon. But it is up to you to decide!